Feeding pigs

 You can greatly reduce the consumption of animal feed and get organic products by adding to the diet Transcarpathian natural zeolites.

 Application of natural zeolites in feeding pigs helps to slow the rate of passage of food through the digestive tract mass, resulting in increased level of digestive juices. The use of zeolite increases the ability of animals to use nutrients. The mineral encourages the preservation of "healthy offspring”, provides natural hair shine, healthy growth, strength, recovery of protective ability of the body.

 Natural zeolites have unique adsorption, molecular-screens and catalytic properties that provide positive impact on the physiological state of animals.

 Zeolitic tuffs are capable to adsorb carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, nitrous some compounds. Passing through the digestive tract, zeolite removes excess fluid from it, harmful gases, endotoxins, thus preventing diarrhea.

 Found that a week after the beginning of feeding zeolite the digestive process stabilizes, increases the total acidity, peptic activity of gastric contents, proteolytic activity and aminolitychna pancreatic juice, intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

 Experience of the wide use of zeolites in various farms in Russia, USA, Japan, Germany and other countries shows that the inclusion of zeolite in the diet of animals increases the nutrients digestibility of feed, reduce deaths, especially at early age, prevents the appearance of dyspepsia, removes toxic and noxious products from the organism, metabolism, prevent diseases associated with micronutrient deficiencies.

 Zeolite has extremely positive effect on diarrhea that occurs in piglets during weaning them from sows.

 Recommended use of zeolite flour of fraction 0,1-1 mm.

Dosage: zeolite flour is added to animal feed with rate of 0,3-3% of the total weight of feed.

Basically zeolite is used to boost the immune system, normalize metabolism, prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Zeolite in animal husbandry makes healthy offspring, to strengthen the protective ability of the body.

 Please note that zeolite flour can not be used simultaneously with compounds that increase peristalsis, digestive and laxative substances.

 Apply zeolite flour fraction 0,1-1 mmwith concentrated feed the scheme:

a) for weaned piglets at 6-7 weeks, zeolite flour is added to feed of the piglets at a rate 0.3% of the total mass of daily food (3 days zeolite flour is added to feed - 9-day break, etc.);

b) from 10 kg zeolite flour is added to feed of the piglets at a rate 0.5% of the total mass of daily food;

c) upon reaching 20 kgl zeolite flour is added to feed of the piglets at a rate of 1% of the total mass of feed, and when 40 kgare reached – it  increases to 2%;

d) upon reaching by sows and boars 80 kglive weight, zeolite flour is added to feed at the rate of 3% of the total mass of feed.

Remember to rotate: 3 days zeolite flour is added to feed pigs - 9-day break, etc. In case of constipation in piglets zeolite do not add flour to feed.

 Zeolite mineral feed additives, which are used in animal feed, help:

 ♦ to increase the nutritional value of feed for pigs;

♦ to run all the important processes of metabolism of animals to increase the effect of consumption of nutrients that come from food;

♦ to improve the course of physiological processes in pigs;

♦ to strengthen the immunity of pigs, prevent common diseases;

♦ to increase the fecundity of mature individuals;

♦ to withdraw from the body of pigs radionuclides, heavy metal salts and other harmless substances and compounds, toxic and harmful products of metabolism;

♦ to prevent the death of the pigs;

♦ to saturate the body of pigs useful trace elements;

♦ to influence on morphological composition of blood, its redox function, saturate it with oxygen.