Zeolite in dry mixtures and building materials.

 Zeolite is used as an active mineral supplement in the manufacture of dry mixes, cements, concrete solutions, foam and aerated concrete.

 The product is made from high quality natural zeolites and is designed for usage in the manufacture of building materials.

 Can be applied:

• to add into the dry mixtures, concrete with aim to save the cement and reduce cracking of concrete;

• as a filler of concrete solutions, as zeolite is not  caking, thus eliminating the usage of anti-caking agent;

• to produce high-strength concrete;

• as a lime-zeolite binder component for autoclave and without autoclave silicate concrete;

• as a binder component and the concretes made on its base;

• in the production of calcium silicate bricks;

• for the production of dry mixes, including for the production of drying plaster;

 In the production of cement, dry mix, aerated and foam concrete:

 • shortening the duration of stiffening - beginning for 1.5 hour and the end for 3 hours.

• increases the specific surface to 800-1900 m2/t.

• increases grade of cement for 30-40 units.

 A mixture of cement and zeolite is used for the production of high-strength concrete in a ratio of 19:1 - 6:1. This allows us to obtain concrete with greater compression resistance than that of Portland cement

Partial replacement of cement by 15-20% zeolite allows to get cement of marks 400, 500, pozzolatic Portland cement 300 with a reduced time of the beginning and end of the stiffening. Zeolites are also used as an active mineral supplement and binder component for silicate concrete and as gypsum cement pozzolatic binder component and concretes based on them. Zeolites can be used in cement slurries, they also are widely used in the equipment of oil and gas wells.

 Transcarpathian zeolites, being aluminosilicates of alkaline and alkali-earth metals are active mineral supplements in the manufacture of concrete marks with strength 100-400. Inthis case, the introduction of the zeolite in optimal amounts to the concrete can reduce cement consumption for 50 kgper 1 cubic meterof concrete with maintenance the concrete mark with its strength.

The usage of ground zeolite as an active mineral supplement is agreed by State Construction Committee of Ukraine

Scientific-investigational center of State Construction Committee of Ukraine studied the usage of zeolites as fillers for sealing polymer compositions.

Kiev Civil Engineering Institute studied the possibility of ground zeolite usage in the production of acid slag binders, dry plaster mixtures.