Natural zeolites

Zeolites are the group of minerals of volcanic-sedimentary origin, tectosilicate of aluminum of alkaline and earth metals. Nowadays more than 40 nature zeolites structural types are known, more diffused are clinoptilolite, limonite, flokite, chabazite.

Sufficient technical strength of clinoptilolite, resistance to the effect of high temperatures, corrosive medium and ionizing emission, selectivity for cations  of  alkaline, earth, less-common, sparse, and some heavy metals, absorptive capacity and sieving effect – all that stipulates wide utilization of mineral.

Zeolite as mineral has extremely wide sphere of application in industry and agriculture economy. They are utilized in construction, petrochemistry, as gas and medium dehumidifier for industrial and potable water purification, etc.


Application in:

  • Pharmacology and Beauty - a component for the manufacture of creams, ointments, toothpaste
  • Addition of cement slurry
  • Mild abrasive and deodorizer for cleaning in the household
  • Filling material for the manufacture of rubber products, paper production
  • A component for coagulating mixtures at water treatment
  • The mineral additive in mixed feed for birds, removes radionuclides and other noxious substances from organism and increases quality of animals and birds, increases the assimilation of feed, and favors their resistance to disease.
  • Balneum sand in incubation  process of chinchillas and other exotic animals
  • Increases productivity of agricultural products, reduces the content of radionuclides and heavy metals and nitrates vegetables, improves water-salt metabolism in soils
  • The mineral additive in mixed feed livestock and poultry, removes radionuclides other noxious substances from organism and, increases conditioned of animals and birds, increases the assimilation of feed, and favors their resistance to disease.
  • Addition to fertilizers to reduce their caking and prolongation of their action, improvement of micro element composition of fertilizers
  • Boot material of filter installations and facilities for purification of drinking water
  • Boot material for purification of industrial and potable water - absorbs radionuclides, heavy metals
  • The adsorbent for purification and drying of gases and liquids - removes  CO ², SO ², H ² S
  • Substrate forgreenhouse soil
  • Deodorant bedding for animals and poultry
  • Substrate for greenhouse soil
  • Dehydration of gases and liquids in the oil and gas industry
  • Boot material of  filter structures
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